Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~Infusions for greater wellness~

 ~Female Tonic Blend~

~Infusions for Greater Wellness~
Making Infusions are a great way to increase the medicinal and nutritional content of tea! Infusions are the most medicinally potent, water based herbal preparations.

 This Blend is super rich in minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients.

A few notes on the herbs in this blend:

*Raspberry Leaf: Contains an Alkaloid known as Fragrine, which gives tone to the muscles of the pelvic region and uterus.

Nourishing energy of this plant: Contains Vitamin C, E & A, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus & Potassium.

*Nettles:  Contains one of the highest herbal sources of Chlorophyll.

A few benefits from this plant:
Nettles nourishes the kidneys, increases fertility, decreases leg cramps and muscle spasms due to the high Calcium content.
Nettles is also rich in Vitamin K. which is essential for blood clotting.
Nettles is utilized in pregnancy and post-partum.  This herb helps build and restore mama's energy, especially following birth. Nettles also enriches breast milk.

*Oastraw  (Avena Sativa):
This herb is great for Children, the Elderly and all women, especially useful during pregnancy.

Oatstraw is known to calm the nervous system, build healthy teeth and bones, nourishing to the ovaries, uterus and thyroid, while strengthening the adrenals.

See our "tea tips"  page on things that can effect the taste of your tea.

How to make an infusion

Please see our full selection of teas and create your greater wellness with an infusion today!

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