Sunday, October 9, 2011

~Nourishing Mama~

As we settle into the rhythm of fall and celebrate all it has to offer, it's also a good time to nourishing ourselves, Especially new mama's!

  I will briefly discuss some aspects of nourishing the new mama.

"Lactation is the nutritional equivalent to running 10 miles a day" My Ayurvedic post-partum teacher would remind us. Special nourishment is required to assist for all the extra needs of the body, transitions and healing for the new mama.

 Healing foods:

 * Eating  3 Full meal & nutrient rich snacks. When a meal is skipped our  bodies automatically produce an abundance of stress hormones. Stress hormones inhibit milk production and can lead to reflux.
* Eating organic & chemical free foods not only supports your entire body, but your baby's health too.

* Water and proper hyrdation: Getting enough water into your body helps heal and rejuvenate. Herbals teas are another way to keep properly hydrated.

Lactation support can be found through beneficial foods and herbs;
Foods and herbs to support and increase lactation~
* Roasted Cumin seeds
* Dill seeds
* Anise seeds
* Caraway seeds
* Coriander
* Red Beets

In Ayurvedic post-partum care, it is stressed to avoid cold/raw foods during post-partum stage. This helps reduce gas, bloating for mama & baby among other things. Avoiding iced drinks is also advised.

* Proper fats, Yes FATS!!!
Healthy fats play a crucial role in the body. They are used as building blocks to create cell walls, nerves, tissues and hormonal balance.
 Healthy fats keep and stabilize blood sugars-which help protect against mood swings.

Organic Coconut oil, cold pressed & traditional veggie oils have a long shelf life due to the high levels of Monounsaturated acids and naturally occurring Vitamin E. You can find sources of these fats through organic avocados, olive oil, sesame seeds & raw nuts.
Hydrogenated oils change the chemical structure of fatty acids, making them very harmful to the body.

EFA'S or (essential Fatty Acids) play an essential role in brain & body functions. EFA's are metabolized into a hormones like substance called prostaglandins, that inhibit or promote inflammation in cells.
The nerves in the brain are comprised of EFA's. Un-healthy fats congest the nerves. What we eat literally affects how we think and feel!

Foods containing EFA's:
* Eggs
* Whole Fat dairy ( whole milk, butter, cream yogurt))
* Dark leafy greens
* Legumes (beans)
* Nuts & Seeds
* Seaweeds
* Fish ***FISH IS NOT RECOMMENDED***  for pregnant or lactating women due to the high levels of Mercury & other contaminates.

EfA's are divided into 2 structures; Omega 3 & 6. Our bodies require both. Our bodies do not make these fatty acids, so it's crucial to ingest these through the proper foods.

Some food sources that contain Omega 6:
* Whole Fat dairy (butter, milk, cream yogurt)
* Leafy Greens
* Nuts
 * Hemp seeds have Both Omega 6 & Omega 3.

Some food sources that contain Omega 3:
* Leafy greens
* Flax oil
* Walnut oil
* Legumes (beans)
* Hemp seeds have Both Omega 6 & Omega 3.

Nourishing Grains: 
* Barley, Oatmeal, Corn Meal, Buckwheat, Brown Rice, Quiona and Amaranth.

 Some Anti-Lactogenic foods that will decrease milk supply and can cause reflux and other issues in the infant):
* Soft-drinks & carbonated beverages
* Coffee, green & black tea
* Chocolate
* Citric Acids in foods & juice (tomato etc)
* Aspartame  (should be avoided in any case as it is highly toxic)

Potentially Anti-Lactogenic herbs: 
(will dry up breast milk )

* Parsley
* Sage
* Rosemary
* Thyme
* Mints; Peppermint & Spearmint

For the Well Being of Mama:
~New Mama Rejuvenation~

* Herbs to support the New Mama:
 This tea was formulated to nourish, re-store and re-vitalize mama's after giving birth.

~New Mama Rejuvenation~

A bit behind this blend, The New Mama Rejuvenation tea:

*Nettles: High in Vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting. Especially useful with post-partum bleeding. Used traditionally to increase and enrich breast milk.  The minerals and vitamins provide excellent support is restoring and rebuilding the energy levels following birth.

*Dandelion: This little yellow flower is packed full of essential minerals and vitamins very beneficial for new mamas!  High in Vitamin A, Calcium and rich in Iron to name just a few. Dandelion aids in exhaustion and fatigue.

*Lemon Balm: Relaxes and calms the nervous system.  Lemon Balm has been used traditionally for depression and insomnia. Lemon Balms add it's hint of lemon taste to uplift and refresh.  Lemon Balm is considered specific to help one cope with new life situations, IE: a new baby!!!

* Lady's Mantle: Revered as an herb for female system,  Lady's Mantle has an affinity to regulate and decrease post-partum bleeding.

* Jasmine Flowers: Have an affinity for the entire female system as well. Energetically these flowers increase compassion and love. They make the mind receptive, aid and receive and radiate vibrations of mantras.

 To order our New Mama Tea click here

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  1. I found you through Hannah..I LOVE that article...I would LOVE to share it on Facebook. Would you be able to send me the scanned photo? XO

  2. Hi Jen! I am so excited about your teas. I found out about you through Hannah, too, about a month ago and ordered a whole bunch as gifts, and my friends LOVE them (as do I and my kids!) Thank you for your brilliance! Sometime I will link to you on my blog ( because I think your teas would be really great for someone dealing with chronic disease, too. So...thank you!!!