Thursday, August 16, 2012


 As I sit here and write this post, holding my youngest on my lap,  I am cherishing moments I spend with my family. This week I have been taking more time then usual to enjoy the simple, magical gifts of life: savoring cup of tea,  honoring visits from a ruby throat- ted  hummingbird, savoring a hug from my little ones and watching the graceful dance of the dragonfly's.

I've also been holding my children a little closer and making moments last a little longer, cherishing our time together.

All week I have not been able to stop thinking & praying for a little child for whom I never met, but feel a heart connection to, from simply being a mother.
My thoughts and prayers go out to my friend,  Lucy and her family @ Happy Womb, who almost lost her little one, this past week. Here is her blog;

I'm pleased to announce my guest blog feature, "Nourishing The New Mama" @ the Happy Womb, please stop by and say hello

Tonight I will make some quiet space to sit, sip tea and light a candle to cherish and set my intentions for tomorrows New Moon.

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