Thursday, November 8, 2012

Giving Gratitude

Giving Gratitude~ A weekly post on Gratitude.

Pausing to reflect upon what I am Grateful for this week:

*  Peace & serenity a snowfall brings

*  My pumpkin spice candle

* A drawing made by my 4 year old

* Homemade hot orange mochas

* A handwritten card from a dear friend, thank you Alicia!

* Recharging myself with this  ....a feeling of pure bliss- warm and coziness to ease my utter exhaustion

* A  DREAM come true......receiving my color energy practitioner training manual

* And my own mother

Giving Gratitude~ A weekly post on Gratitude

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  1. Blessings upon you! We are sharing in the peace and serenity that a snowfall brings today in Quechee. Namaste.