Monday, August 2, 2010

World Breast Feeding Week: Honoring The Nursing Mama!

Since Love & Tea is Mama-owned business we take this opportunity to honor World Breast Feeding Week by giving away our to one lucky reader our *Nursing Mama Love Pkg!*

Our Mama's Milk Tea: Formulated to help enrich and nourish mama's milk.  It's even said to be tasty!

 Our Nursing Mama's Compress: I formulated this compress after my 2nd wee one was born and I was feeling a bout of mastitis coming on... I have also used this compress when I've had milk blisters.....Gentle, Effective and Soothing compress every nursing mama should have!

As  I approach my due date with my #4 babe,  I am so grateful for these herbs and all the healing benefits they give to us mamas. I rejoice in their ancient knowledge and wisdom's they give. I feel blessed to share this,  in the products I create with Love & Tea.

I'm a Certified Herbalist, Certified Yoga instructor, Artist and soon to be mama of 4 wee ones!

Leave a comment below to be entered:  tell us your due date or how long you have been nursing for. *Get an extra entry by leaving a comment on our Facebook page :

****Comments will close on Friday Aug. 6th Midnight EST*****

 And the Winner is............ Grace! Congratulations!!!

Please visit our web site for a full selection of teas and wellness bath products for the Nursing Mama and whole family!


  1. Jen, I love your teas! I just brought some New Mama Rejuvenation to the first prenatal visit with my very first doula client! I can't think of a better way to nourish a new mama. Thanks for the beauty, nourishment, and deliciousness you bring to our community. Laura Peer

  2. I have been nursing children for four years now. My son Harvest is weaned but I am still nursing my almost two year old daughter, Esther. I plan to continue still for quite awhile and I would love to try your nursing tea. I definitely loved your tandem tea when my wee ones were really teeny. I love your tea's so much!

  3. Haven' done any breastfeeding yet, this would be my first child, due at the begining of April 2011! I'm trying to absorb all the info I can now & look forward to trying your teas :)

  4. We're almost at a year and a half and will let her self-wean...her older brother weaned himself @ 3...I've had more blebs with this kid than the other 3 combined, so compresses are my friend <3

  5. "Where attention goes energy flows!" It was amazing receiving todays newsletter as for the past couple of weeks much of my mothering efforts have been doing everything to naturally increase my milk supply. I was just about to go to my favorite health food store (Nuts and Grains) to pick myself up some mother's milk teas but who knows maybe I'll win this fabulous offer instead! Thank you Universe and thanks to Love and Tea for being in synch with me.

  6. I nursed my first for 1 year, my second for 2 yrs and my third is 14m and still going strong! She will nurse till she self weans. So on and off for last 7 years eeks!!

    Many blessing to you Mama for your wonderful teas and on welcoming your 4th little blessing!!

  7. dalice.costa@gmail.comAugust 5, 2010 at 7:31 PM

    My little one was taken to the NICU after birth where they put him on dextrose and some formula feedings. We were reunited several days later, and after six hours together he was happily latched on and has been exclusively breast-fed since (3 months now:). Much love to Love & Tea!