Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teething Tea: Tiger Power!

This is a gentle and supportive tea, to help ease the pain and discomfort associated with teething.

About the art ;

When I first sat down to feel out what would be appropriate for this label, I had few animals that came to mind, but one that I kept coming back to was the Tiger.  I was also reflecting on some things in my personal life, like the journey of mothering and my tea business: holding my ground and voicing up my power.  One animal that really stood out to me, was the Tiger.

  "The Tiger power"

The tiger represents power, force, and the nurturing /gentle aspect of  mothering and tending to cubs.  The tiger is strong and very powerful,  they are able to be still and calm, carry through chaos and be fierce when she needs to defend her cubs and or her territory.

As a mother of 4 little ones, I can't count how many sleepless nights I've spent awake easing and supporting my children through teething.

Teething can make a baby howl, moan and most mama's feel like this after a couple straight nights of being sleep deprived!

Eastern culture is filled with myth and legends associated with tiger lore. I found this except very interesting, especially pertaining to my life and even applied to a new babe teething!

 From the book Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews

"When a tiger has entered your life, you can expect new adventures. It will awaken new passion and power within. Expect it to begin within 6-8 weeks and last for a year and a half. If the Tiger has shown up in your life, there will begin to manifest new adventures and renewed devotion and passion for life"

This tea is especially relaxing for mama as well.  I've made my self many cups of this blend to relax and be more calm.  And if you are nursing, your babe will also get the benefits of this tea through your milk :)

Let the adventures begin!

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