Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fairy Celebration!

Celebrating Fairy Magic:

We are celebrating summer sun and new art work on our Fairy Celebration Tea!  join us and enter a chance to win one. Tell us some fairy magic in your life, enter your comment below. Entries will close Tuesday, July 26th EST, winner will be selected via random number generator.

About the art :

After a very exhausting day, I sat down to relax and have some long awaited space to paint, here's what I came up with.....

Come walk with me into the magical and enchanted fairy world. Amidst the tall, green grass is a glistening world.  Tall, curling ferns lead the way up to the brilliant blue sky. The world is alive with color;  glistening sliver, pink, yellow and gold. Sliver clouds dance above, star seeds sparkle with joy, plant life radiates.  Fairy Magic is all around!

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And the winner  (chosen from random number generator is) :  Valerie, please e-mail us so we can send your tea!


  1. My daughter dressed as a fairy today to head off to the farmers market and was certain that when the rain came she made the rainbow. <3 Gotta love that.

  2. daisies appearing in the garden but nowhere else in the yard.
    treevt80 at yahoo

  3. Our mornings always feel like a fairy world. Especially in the garden or down by the stream.

    Beautiful beautiful artwork Jen.

  4. love the beautiful art...
    i once lived in an enchanted garden in the oakland hills filled with fairies...

  5. love the artwork...
    i think the fairies were present for my son's homebirth in water this past march...

  6. In the last five summers, I've find various natural and mysterious circle in my yard... Darker shade of greens, tiny flowers, mushrooms... Faeries have been visiting and dancing around and making our life magical! I've yet to spot this year's circle but I know they will come - I can feel it!

  7. We have decided that the woods at the upper part of our property is the Fairy Forest. Any time we visit, we check on our fairy houses and make improvements so the fairies can be comfortable, no matter what the weather! I think they would love one of your empty tea boxes as a home. :)