Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Celebrating World Breast Feeding Week!

As a mama of four little ones, I've learned a lot along the journey of breast feeding!

I was fortunate to be able to nurse all my children.  I can relate to the challenges of nursing while pregnant, the toll that nursing takes on your body and mind through multiple children and, not to mention dealing with mastitis.  I'm proud to say four kids later, I'm still nursing my youngest who is almost one.

One remarkable book that came into my life centered around breastfeeding is: "Mother Food" by Hilary Jacobson. This is the first book I've seen to really address issues of nutrition, herbs and mother's health specific to nursing.  She also touches on colic, depression, allergy's and many supply issues. I highly recommend this book to every mama!

Being a nursing mother is one of my inspirations behind these teas and the compress that I created: Mama's Milk Tea, Tandem Tea for Pregnancy and Nursing Mama's Compress. 

This week we honor Mama's and World Breast Feeding Week by doing a giveaway on our Facebook Fan Page: click here to join

We are gifting one lucky Love & Tea Facebook Fan: one Mama's Milk Tea and one Nursing Mama's Compress. Click here to join and leave a comment.

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